Bending Machine

Bending technology is used in iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal sheet forming by using press machines to complete bending, riveting, leveling, molding and adjusting. Workpiece is cut and fed under laser cutting and NCT automatic punching and made into non-bending work piece beforehand and followed by bending die cutter or simple bending mold to complete various bending and forming.

X axis, Y axis, and R axis are synchronous operation, for example, different angles and different sizes can be bending at once, and individual operation is also available.







We currently use Japan AMADA and TOYOKOKI computer automation bending machine for various productions; output of 125 tons, 100 tons, 50 tons, 36 tons and can bend up to 3 m length of the workpiece. We have engineers with many years of experience with nearly a hundred different shape tools to cater the diverse needs of customers, not only mass

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