Human Resource

Chung Pu Wire Cute
Manager's Words
we take the past 30 years as just a start and sustainable
management is our ultimate goal.
With developments of companies in central Taiwan, for the past 30 years, it is hard to believe that we are not just a big family, but a big school. With the excellent quality policies, dedicated services, mutually beneficial concept of co-existence, and globalization.
Chung Pu Laser
Manager's Words
“Success is a habit”
The First-Class talents, The First-Class equipment,The First-Class professional, The First-Class service We always hold the first-class goal. So “Success is a habit” ,we often want what we want it is easy to become.
You want to become what you want look?! Welcome you to our ”CHUNG PU” family, growing up with us future.
Manager's Words
"Good Boss grows with employees."
It is glad that I have been working in quality SUN MOON WIRE CUT CO., LTD.Work inevitably has bottlenecks from time to time, but also it is the transfer of learning opportunities. In addition to growing company, the staff’s future has come to be our priority to be considered here. A lot of works are completed by the departments together to perform a task. During the cooperation process, each voice form each participated unit is heard and paid attentions to in order to reach a value consensus.We cherish the existing partners, but also look forward to recruit new force with the same philosophy. I believe we can create more opportunities and common values for both the company and ourselves.