Laser Cutting

At present, our factory has multiple Japan-made laser cutting machines with different wattages (from 4000 to 1600 watts)
each of the machines is ideal for cutting sheet metals with a particular thickness. The cutting accuracy is 0.1 mm, maximum thickness 16 mm, and maximum cutting range 5x10 ft2. Our laser cutting service features small-volume sampling, wide-varietydimensional design, and mold-free cutting. Below are some of our samples. We integrate the metal laser cutting process with other machining methods such as bending, welding, tapping, or milling to manufacture machinery parts.
Chung Pu’s laser cutting division specializes in industrial prototyping.
We support a considerable range of OEM and ODM services, including laser cutting auto parts, industrial machinery components, sheet metal, sports equipment, to name a few. We pay close attention to our customer’s requirements to acquire the desired dimensional design. Our laser cutting equipment can process metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, etc., and non-metal materials such as acrylic and low-carbon panels.
  • Food
    food machinery sheet metal, barbecue oven, sweet potato sheet metal
  • Clothing
    spinning machinery sheet metal, knitting machinery sheet metal, garment machinery sheet metal
  • Housing
    Installation art sheet metal, construction metal, door hardware, snow blower, joints for various sheet metal
  • Driving
    locomotive parts, heavy locomotive parts, electric vehicle parts and charging piles, oil parts, various vehicle parts
  • Transportation
    Ordering POS machine sheet metal, large computer host sheet metal
  • Recreation
    sheet metal for large game machines, sheet metal for currency exchange machines
  • Medical
    Buyer of Rehabilitation Sports Equipment
  • Industry
    various sheet metal mechanical parts (tool machines, special-purpose machines, high-speed machines, packaging, sewage treatment equipment, laser machines, bending machine)

Chung Pu Co. specializes in metal laser cutting / mechanical sheet metal / welding / bending machine processing / NCT punching OEM, professional services throughout Taiwan, providing one-stop service from materials to finished products