CNC Lathe

CNC is a abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control, the advantage of which is to process large quantity, complex design, high-precision required workpieces. Currently the company's production lines in central Taiwan have a wide range of Japanese compound swiss type and turret type automatic CNC lathes with characteristics of turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping to complete precise processing in one single machine.




  • CNC Lathe Material:
    304, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum, alloy, POM and etc.Lathe with different materials need to be used with different lathe tools in order to ensure the accuracy of the individual product requirements.
  • Processing Capacity:

    [ Swiss Type Lathe ]

    CharacteristicsWorkpiece held by main spindle and rotated; Z axis moves to process workpiece.
    FunctionProcessing capabilities with side milling and back side, workpiece can be processed on a single machine to complete the job.
    ApplicationsSuitable for high precision, small or thin parts processing; the smallest outer diameter=3mm and maximum outer diameter=20mm.

    [ Turret Type Lathe ]

    CharacteristicsMain spindle rotates; Turret moves to process workpiece.
    FunctionWork with C-axis and sub-spindle; has end surface milling, cylindrical surface milling, drilling, and tapping function.
    ApplicationsHeavy cutting for large diameter workpieces, a wide range of applications; maximum outer diameter=42mm.

Electronic parts, aerospace parts, bicycle parts, equipment parts, automotive and locomotive industrial parts, and customized hardware parts can all be produced, Chung Pu lathe provids high-quality CNC turning and milling composite processing, and 24-hour professional OEM services.