Wire EDM

In 1988, department of wire electrical discharge machining was set up, and it started from designing and manufacturing of the pressed molds, such as stamping and machining, equipping with system to show consistent flow to the assembly. Development from the prototype mold to mass production, as inmetal parts, auto parts, motorcycle and bicycle parts, industrial machinery,electronic products internal parts to precision parts, diversified products, is our field of business. The factory is cooperated with the Taichung facility, while promoting efficiency and technology development, quality control, of course, on-time delivery; we will be able to quote customers with the most reasonable prices.




  • Factory Equipment
    Discharge erosion of cutting. Cutting path is controlled by the computer engineering with the cutting accuracy up to 0.2um and the surface roughness up to 2.5um Rmax.The company has more than ten units of Japan-made cutting machines. They process all kinds of precise molds and special parts, and the sizes of the machines are introduced completely. They are keys in coordination to shorten the delivery.
  • Finished Product Manufacturing
    Our factory can correspond to a wide variety of punching patterns, along with the efficient operation of using a combination of the best materials and applications, from the release of a small volume to mass production, we have built up a complete manufacturing system to have enough materials, and depending on the materials and processing contents, such as lot number to respond to our customers needs.

Chung Pu wire Cut Co. using wire cutting machine imported from Japan, finish machining, rough machining, specializing in various CNC wire cutting stamping dies (continuous die, engineering die, forming die) and inspection fixtures and various special precision metal wire cutting. Customized design.