Chung Pu has a collection of welding machines to handle different types of welding tasks. Using the right type of welding machine streamlines our workflow and improves efficiency. Together with experienced welding technicians, Chung Pu can provide our customers with great-quality, durable, and reliable products.


  • OTC DAIHEN Almega Welding Robot
    OTC DAIHEN’s Almega welding robot has a turnover table and seven axial linkages, which render the all-angle positioning capability to the machine. The robot can perform the welding process at any position within the accessible range of the arm. The combination of the robot arm and the welding machine is perfect for automated production. It improves the welding quality, consistency, and efficiency.
  • TIG Welding Machine

    TIG welding machine has stable arc and at a high temperature welding can protect electrodes and welding area from contamination of air impurities. For high-precision mechanical combination TIG welding can also be used. Our TIG welding machines currently used in stainless steel, low-alloy steel and low alloy steel pipe and other metal welding works.


    CO2 Welding Machine

    The CO2 welding machine uses carbon dioxide to protect the arc and molten pool during the welding process, hence CO2 welding. It is a DC-based machine that requires a constant voltage to operate. The CO2 welding machine features high efficiency and almost zero slags.


    Spot Welding

    Spot welding is one of the most common practices when it comes to welding. It can be an alternative to other welding methods such as soldering, TIG welding, etc. Several advantages of this method are material saving, ease of operation, efficiency, and stable quality.


    Suspended Spot Welding

    This process is suitable for welding large-scale workpieces. The suspended spot-welding gun has high maneuverability and therefore improves the overall productivity of the process.

  • Technically, we have mold design, development, and production, sheet metal design, OEM-ODM development of mechanical components, metal parts processing, machinery automated welding processing, automated machinery and equipment, high-quality CNC machine plate bending, CNC bending, CNC welding, assembly processing, laser cutting, punching processing, drilling processing, precise machining parts processing, milling machine processing, individual parts and various parts processing to provide competitive products and services with fare prices to our customers.

    CHUNG PU sees each customer as our most valuable asset, and recognition and praise from customer is the driving force of the company. We are confident that our professional service will provide each customer with the proper solution and meet customer demands and which is the most important philosophy of CHUNG PU when was found.

Factory Equipment
AMADA Press Brake Machine HG1303
日本AMADA 自動沖孔機



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